Wednesday, 14 April 2010

PC = ?

The new definition of PC is not Political Correctness but Politics and Cricket! Just when the Shoaib-Sania tamasha has died down, (and we thought sanity may prevail with more news worthy items from the media channels) we have yet another scorching story erupting from the bowels of the "doom-departments" of TV, that pick up the timbers of hysteria all over again! Somehow I think it's chocolate-box Shashi Tharoor who is more the core story here, with all the masala of a pretty woman draped over railings, as he saunters off cricket pitches into the loving gaze of her Gucci veiled eyes.

Oh cynic that I am becoming, where is my love for the pulse of a story or for getting at the truth of the matter (or in this case aptly, the heart of it!)!! Well as starters I was doubled up with laughter when Arnab Goswami started postulating on TV, with extreme severity mind you; enunciating every word (like my old french teacher did) and staring straight at me as I lay in bed, telling me that Shashi Tharoor was being "a bad boy" all over again, and the nation was once again in trouble because of him! ( Please imagine the corresponding shaking head, drooping mouth, sad eyes, frown and knitted brows as you read this)!!!

Oh goddy I loosing it?! But then as I imagined that the trouble lay only with me, I heard a groaning sound emanating from next to me. Turning and believing that Surendran had ODed on the chocolate-cake desert after dinner and had a stomach ache as suitable retribution for being greedy; I confronted instead a pained, beseeching, imploring to change the TV channel pronto! Even our cat Begum hid under the bed as Arnab tut-tutted menacingly and finger wagged at all at large from the idiot box. What is wrong with the guy?????!

Maybe it's just that he feels challenged that Shashi T is a better chocolate-box hero-type then chubby Mr. Arnab himself! Well whatever be the reason I am staying away from the remote control today for fear of Mr. AG playing at Uncle Sam with me again!

Prediction for the day: My crystal ball tells me that Lalit Modi with his cutesy lisping and Yuvi baby with his pouting sulks are the next in line to add more masala to the gossip that passes off as national news these days.

Whilst people continue to die of starvation and food grains rot in store houses from bad governance; we of course will focus on the trivial aspects of life; and jump around like cats on hot tin roofs believing that gossipy news is a better option that staying real.

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