Friday, 2 July 2010

It's a Dog's kidding!

I have not known where these last 16 days have floated by. Work seems to snap at my ankles like a irritable shark on a new fangled diet, and as I huff and puff up the stairs and down, the only chirpy soul is Begum who thinks I have invented a new game with her! Sauparnika (our home), sort of swells like a well fed belly, with people that come and go with a multitude of different agendas, that some how all get dealt with within the 24 hours that are legally what define each cycle of a day. Like a juggle whose on probation I try hard not to fall in a heap in the middle of it all, often pretending at skills to manage things because there is no other options in sight. But the amazing thing is that amidst this chaos that seems to have only me at it's center of madness; all else and everyone in my vicinity appear to me to be in tranquil bubbles that are serene, and never look like they will ever threaten to burst!

The other day I went with two friends to a book shop. The joke at home is that Surendran is the last person to go to a book-shop with, because dawn will become dusk and he will have no idea that time has even moved momentarily. Well, the three of us were on a "whirl-wind-quick-pick-up" shopping stint that was taking us away from our studios at a time where petulant pouts showed our true feeling! Also we were to dash back home as we had a film crew who was to come home for dinner. With great efficiency the task of finding "the book" to gift was selected. And then came the melt down! Without realising it each of us started nosing about in the shelves. Books were taken down and passages read. We then found a great book of photography and sort of comfortably settled ourselves in a little huddle, and began to ooh and aah over the images....!!! Well all I can say is that when realisation dawned, we gave Schumacher a run for his money!!!

Another day has whizzed past and I am once again weaving around like a bear in love with a flighty honey-bee! I think I need to make an application to the department of time to get an extension on my time slots....Or maybe some zippy skates and Akshay Kumar thums-up energy may do the trick!

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