Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I have horrified my son over the last few years by having It's the time to Disco as my ring tone! To make matters worse, I have my ring tones at a decibel level that is ear shattering and it has often been the trigger of cringing sessions in public for my family, as this Bollywood masala tune would pop up when least expected; and my phone would invariably choose in such moments to bury itself in my bag as though it wanted to play the game of treasure-hunt with me! I was a loyal and devoted fan of this phone jingle but then..... Shakira wiggled her way into my life! I was hooked and smitten in the blink of an eye!!!!

Now not being so tech savvy I guess I missed my chance of getting into the Waka-waka mode at the right time (typical!), and then suddenly all the Waka-waka ring tone people become snooty snobs (!!!) who would watch me salivate and jiggle in my chair like a wind-up toy with a malfunctioning battery, as the Waka-waka chorus would activate my dance system into action! Bobbing like a melting jello was beginning to become the next cringing moment for my friends and family and so the "save my mother's image campaign" was secretly started by my son. However what he managed to download for me as I quivered in anticipatory delight believing I had hit the music jack-pot was not my Waka-waka refrain ..... and so John Travolta and the disco nostalgia remained the order of my existence uninterrupted.

And then voila! On my return from my Nair wedding experience yellow sari and all, I had my mobile spirited away by one of our spiritual children, the moment I got back from the airport. In the flurry of activity that rules our home it isn't anything unusual for the children to use my things, so I thought nothing of it......and THEN......Waka-Waka.......!!!!!! So I am now an official convert!!! Therefore be prepared, the next time you meet me I will wiggle up to you and do a namaste ala Ms. Shakira ishtyle, so don't be too surprised! It is called multi-cultualism!!!
Now there is a new cringing moment for the family.....I don't immediately answer my phone when it rings. Instead I bob about furiously to my Waka-waka tune and only when dancy-dancy need feels fulfilled, I answer the call. The silent horror and embarrassment of my family is studiously ignored by me!
Well I have one life and bob and dancy-dancy I must , so bare with it but don't you DARE grin!!!


  1. Loved reading this! You are certainly multi-talented...Keep going strong, I won't look at Shakira the same way again, her belly dances are really great, probably you know that she got her ribs partially 'extracted' {perhaps with the same facility as a tooth removal} to be able to swing the way she does!

  2. Rekhajee, I look forward to your posts like a long awaited letter from a friend. Wishing you all the energy required to keep going with the same fervour that characterises you & makes you so exceptional. So cheers to your health & spirits! Hope to hear from you soon.