Friday, 12 November 2010

A show to remember.....

When art is relocated into the formal space of a gallery it has to stand tall without any other props whatsoever. Surendran Nair's show Neti Neti opened yesterday in San Francisco to a response that was truly heartening. What becomes important within such endeavours is that the artist must hold true to themselves a genuineness of intention, and keep all doors of communication always open.

Our love story is a special one. Feisty and full of the delights of being friends and lovers; we hold the expectations of truth and honesty of one another, as the circle of belonging uncompromisingly. We have allowed the shadows of one another to be our resting places of comfort at all times, and yet drawn into our personal world an inclusiveness of others that can widen the circle of our lives. It hasn't always been that we can see the light at the end of our tunnel of shared existence, but what we do know is that we hold the desire to survive and live lives of passionate engagement with all that we do.

Watching Surendran engage an audience into entering the world of his imagination during the gallery talk at the opening, was a space of special reflection for me; because what I witnessed was the truth of conviction of self belief define that crucial space of belonging, effortlessly.

Neti Neti is a show that commands you to be silent, and to listen. And somewhere in that silence the quite voice of Surendran percolates the consciousness of his spectators; and what occurs is a moment of wonderment in that visual dialogue, that is quite stunning.

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  1. Reading this post is certainly heart-warming. Besides the satisfaction of the success of the opening, one cannot but sense the deep-rooted pride and love behind the eloquence of your words.
    Although worlds away, it makes me glad to experience these moments of silent joy with you, I wish with all my heart that this complicity that you share with Surendran are lives-long.
    And so I think now you can relax and have fun...
    Wishing you a festive holiday & lovely things to eat... and I am sure that your return journey will seem less disagreeable too.
    Congratulations to both of you. Keep Going.