Sunday, 9 October 2011

Owl stories from midnight children...

There was something I did not realise when I lived in a small apartment. That it was so much easier to manage things, and that in a matter of seconds I could get from one end of it to another completing a thousand and one things in a blink of an eye! Ok, I exaggerated about the thousand and one things; but the truth is that I could pack in a lot of juggling and manage it all by virtually stretching my arms in true Durga style without needing "boost as the secret of my energy!"

Right now I am at boot camp time....that is the computer is booting and I am camping near it! With an air conditioner that has decided to weep copious tears down the side of one of my studio walls, and my studio looking like a war zone with troops marching about, I may well just dive into some corner of the world of virtual reality and slip out of this mad house for a while.

My half Parsi legs grow whiter as I see the sun light less each day! Like a mole in a hole I sit hunched over my computer and bash at keys and squint at monitor screens with my friend who has flown down for the third time to help me "stitch" my imagination together. Old friends over decades, we sit in happy silence, snapping at each other occasionally as only old friends can do without any pangas erupting, than goodness!

The monitor is propped up against a mountain of cushions not unlike the bunkers of a war trench, so that we could turn it on it's side to accommodate the image more accurately. Begum comes through this new labyrinth with gleeful determination to wreck and plunder, as she hops from paint trolley to computer table to the water colour table, then  on to the CPU and then tunnels out via the wires, to creep behind propped up canvases and topple over brush jars and pull at my apron strings before embarking on some other mad cap venture that her fur brain cooks up!

The studio has a charged air about it with the three of us loonies mucking about like wound-up toy soldiers on a mission impossible, with batteries in over drive. I will head down to my bed when it is closer to dawn and go through the absurd rituals of a hot shower and the mandatory daub of perfume; and only them will I creep into bed,  to wake up a few hours later..... and go through the same rituals of ablution before popping back into my studio, perfume and all!

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