Saturday, 22 September 2012

New games old rules....

I  was pleasantly surprised once again at the speech given my our prime minister yesterday. In a quiet  tone he addressed the nation and what I liked was that he looked and sounded compellingly sincere. His speech was without fiery rhetoric and the language he used was very simple, which was refreshing in the day and age of TV politicians who think that they must sound linguistically erudite.  He steered clear of the usual jargonized political speak that most politicians roll off their tongues (perhaps even in their sleep!), and he conveyed ideas and aspirations that made complete sense  for a nation that is desiring progress, and a position of significance in the global markets of trade and commerce. In his usual stiff as a ram rod manner, he spoke unflinchingly about how we need to accept reforms and to allow an elected government  to function so as to perform its duty to the mandate that voted them in to power. He stated that though things had been achieved much more could be done. I thought this sentence spoke volumes about the character of a man who does not attempt to hide behind any masks; and though criticised repeatedly for his public demeanour of restrain, remains comfortable with himself for who he is at all times.

Perhaps the PM's restrain is catching on because the power brokering of coalition politics no longer makes me gasp any more. However seeing Mamta didi with egg on her face after her pallav sweeping en mass resignations that didn't quite get her the desired effect within the central government,  of creating chaos in a country, was uplifting to my politically weary soul. I was cautioned the other day by a Bengali friend that my irreverent blogs about didi dear would have me behind bars in West Bengal.....! Oh shiver me timbers, as captain Haddock of Tintin fame would say, I am shaken in me boots m'lady!!!!

The great Indian democracy is founded on an amazing political survival lesson which is if someone is running like a rat from a sinking ship, decide to save the ship and its scrawny crew, only if there is booty enough for you to loot off it!

Shocking was to see the left front literally holding hands with the BJP at rallies against the government. It made me cringe. Silly me believing that ideologies of right wing conservative fundamentalist parties and Marxist ideological positions were supposed to be different. Convenient empathy between rival parties becomes television panel discussion fodder. And hosts like Barka Dutt now becoming boringly predictable with their routine Chandan Mitta type guests whose rubbish views reflect poorly on the calibre of the program. These days I am opting for my Aussie men on Master chef....big burly and  with mouth watering cuisine......mmmm I like!!!!

With the rain lashing down in September I am not a happy bunny. However my cat Begum is!!! Monsoon and winter sees this queen curled up like an Alaskan bear in hibernation for close to 18 hours of the day....snoozy tart! I on the other hand am waltzing around like a toga queen wrapped up in my sari waging war on fungus that stubbornly grows overnight in my beautiful bathroom! I am soon becoming an avenger with five dehumidifiers winging themselves to me from Mumbai! Bye-bye silica gel hello modern machine!!!! Now maybe I too can snooze instead of getting a crick in my neck with the ceiling peering that makes me look like a deranged orangutan in love with the moon!

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