Saturday, 5 January 2013

Belated Happy New Year!

Belated Happy New Year to All!

I must apologise for this long lapse between the last blog post to this one....

A dear friend's aunt was terminally ill and the last three weeks have been a blur of hospitals and the  ICU with my night becoming my day for painting. She passed away peacefully yesterday amidst the embrace of her family and loved ones, and so the rigours  of duty and the sustained support group for this emotional health crisis is finally over. We bade farewell to Dr. Aravinda Chandra at her funeral last evening. A women of determined strength and conviction, who was a true survivor; and whose elegance and dignity will be the gift of her legacy to us.  

This New Year of 2013 has seen us all as a nation completely let down with deep sadness regarding the growing trend of violence towards women in our society. For those of us who are do not posses such a mindset, nor are brought up within traditional molds that preference gender-bias, the despair for such attitudes is immeasurable. The more details that spill out of the police and civil societies apathy to the plight of the victims makes me consider that our educational systems certainly need to be appraised. The higher the percentage of marks in schools does not appear to reflect that the moral fabric of a juvenile is equally elevated to a higher level  of action.

All of us grapple with our conscience on a daily basis. But the hope is that our conscience is fed by the information to know right from wrong. These days entertainment walks a thin line between endorsement of violence as entertainment and the power of influence. I am rather appalled by the naivety of many actors who felt compelled to defend scripts that hold such blurred territories within  which interpretations of sexual harassment being heroic can be inferred. 

As for the political class today in India; all I can say is it is deeply saddening to see the criminalisation of power occur with such blatancy under our noses.

I am going to applaud some sections of the television media. The young brave hearts story was compellingly portrayed to keep up the factual need of the hour. Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan & Rajdeep Sardesai were anchors whom I continuously listened to during these bleak days of this tragic story. 

I hope India can change the direction of the persistent lethargy of a judicial system that appears the biggest malaise of our country,  and make fast track courts address the multitude of lingering cases such as the chillingly story of the gang raped abducted victim whose ordeal stretched forty days and whose captors added to 42 men. 

But this is going to continue unless each of us feel that such stories are ours......
....and stand up and be counted for the values we know to be right.

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