Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Guarded Megalopolis of the Feminine Heart

Solo Project at the Indian Art Fair - Delhi 2013
Presented by Sakshi Gallery

The Guarded Megalopolis of the Feminine Heart


Many breasted, suckled dry,
We consecrate ourselves through the baptism of our tears,
To invoke the hymns of a chosen landscape,
Free of the fallacies of false prejudice.

To live anointed by the sweat of dignity
Which holds the stories of a sisterhood,
Neither crushed nor burnt;
But standing tall forever.

Rekha Rodwittiya

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  1. My dear Rekha, What an awesome post! I really love what you write and what you stand for...
    As my stay in India approaches its end, it is true that I'm glad to go back, even though mumbai is indeed my first love... Having spent almost 40 years of my life in Europe, I have to admit that this culture and way of thinking has become a little unfamiliar...and the notion of time is totally different from what we usually understand!
    I know you are a very busy person with an agenda that leaves little time for leisure.... Nevertheless, I hope to have the pleasure of hearing the sound of your voice before I leave... Please call anytime that is convenient to you, my phone is always very close, just a brief hello and a couple of frivolities would suffice.... I thank you in advance.