Saturday, 15 June 2013

A sad ending .....

When I first saw images of Jiah Khan a few years ago I thought to myself that there was a palpable desperation that came through the "posed" boldness of this young girl. I felt instinctively that she was laying herself vulnerable by her extreme need to "succeed" in the flashy world of Bollywood. I thought nothing more of it till the tragic news of her death was plastered all over the TV channels, making it into a reality show for their TRP ratings. It isn't really about love stories going wrong that brings these tragic spaces of defeat into the mental landscapes of the younger generation (the suicides of many young women who were known faces in the recent past is already recorded),  but much more the craving to be a celebrity at all costs. When that alludes them then the inner rage of discontent swells, and if not checked, spills over to consume all rationality and sensibility. 

Fame is undoubtedly a heady space of existence. However the road of sustained achievements is what can lead to fame. It has no short cuts and comes from the quiet insistence of personal excellence that others take note of. But what I have observed is that the youth of today often believe that high visibility alone leads to fame.   They then instill within their own minds a make-believe  celebrity status where being noticed becomes the feel good factor, the high that opiates instead of better sense prevailing of old school norms that teach you that there is no substitute for hard work. In today's world of easy-come easy-go,  the dispensability of people has equally become part of the throw away life-style we have adopted as "avid consumers" of life's goodies, and so these impressionable young people don't foresee this cruel reality;  and in many instances fall prey to deep frustrations of "assumed" failure. So my question then is where does it leave for the protection of their vulnerability in this fast paced circuit that feels its self-worthiness lies in the flash-bulb moment and the page 3 photo opportunity?

Creating ones self worthiness comes from the delicate balance of loving oneself and also having the courage to be self critical. People need to take a reality check when they begin to feel victimised by the world. The blame game is often a convenient one. However a worthy life is a holistic one that mediates peace within ones self  by understanding  that the universe is truly vast.  Our existence becomes meaningful only when we live life with responsibility that celebrates life instead of searching for reasons to drown ourselves. We therefore need to  learn to love and protect what keeps us grounded, and to encase ourselves within a world that holds dreams that are achievable.   The tragic consequences of manic anger can be potent.  Suicide is often a romanticised space by those who crave attention. I have experienced a friend committing suicide. His act was one of defiance. To teach others a lesson. Of course no such purpose ever gets served.

We don't know the story of Jiah Khan. However what is a time tested truth is that the simple pulse of life, if maintained,  holds more to offer than the jarring violence of destruction.  Everyone wants to be loved and understood. But violence and recrimination is a dangerous venting that never justifies itself. 


  1. Hey u are amazing !!! ...... Liked you the first time u breezed past me in ur black saree at Mumbai airport a/w ur sister ( was she en route from Canada?)... And your seat was next to mine in the aircraft!!! We had a brief intro ;) since then I have been looking for u .... And here U R !!! Lucky me :)

  2. Great to be connected....
    ....and lovely to know you are reading the blog....