Monday, 20 January 2014

So much occurs in the blink of an eye!

The festive season was a blast surrounding Amma with the immediate family who came down from many corners of the world to congregate at Sauparnika and all the extended loved ones who make our lives so complete! From cooing over Mehran and beating each other in scrabble, to a host of other silly stuff that always brought about laughter and lively debates, creating a scenario of comforting sentiments that makes family holidays so priceless and memorable. Tucked into the itinerary was a day trip to Adalaj, Modhera and Pathan and a nights stay at the House of M.G in Ahmedabad,  along with the delight of going to the Calico Museum and the Sabarmati Ashram; and peering at the Sidi Saiyad Jali too. In Baroda a morning drive to Pavaghad and Champaneer was a must, and of course many sessions of  shopping at Fab India and Seasons, and stuffing ourselves with food treats that left us all a couple of kilos heavier; thus makes up the photo album of memories incredibly special and to last us till our next Christmas tamasha of togetherness occurs!

 The best part was having my adorable nephew Ashwin and his absolutely gorgeous wife Athene visit with us. Life has its own ways of providing opportunities for the tapestries of family histories to grow and develop. Family tradition has my cousin Sherna come over every Christmas since three years . She is the calm one in the family, and she gifts to the occasion each year the grace and wisdom of her quiet personality that is the perfect balance to the otherwise more vocal strains of merriment from us all!

Thankfully social media and the overall cyber world of communication technology keeps the reality of geographical distances slightly more bearable. As we whatsap each other and keep the everyday happenings a shared space, we plot and plan the next time to get the family together again.
Little Mehran, who currently celebrates monthly birthdays,  will hopefully grow up with the joy of all these memories as the space of his belonging. Yesterday a parcel arrived from Houston for us…from Ashwin, Athene & their four legged baby Daisy duke…..spilling over with love and tenderness that makes a family feel encircled and complete. Cheers to 2014…. I feel so blessed by the energies of my loved one….

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