Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Turn off the bitch-switch please!

I am always a little startled at bitchiness and since Im not a wide-eyed babe-in-the-woods it isn't that I'm unaware of this manifestation of human behaviour as largely practiced by many - yet  whenever  I encounter it or hear about incidents that are underlined by this factor I am always rather appalled and saddened by it. I still find the 24 hours in a day not enough to do the many things I would like to apply my energies to so I find it hard to wrap my head around the idea of human energy being deployed to belittle and humiliate people as a "time-pass" activity.

I don't buy the fact that any human being, saintly or otherwise, isn't without their fair share of insecurities and personal vulnerability. However why do we imagine that in being demeaning of others in thought, word or deed it will balance out our own sense of inadequacy and therefore our meanness be overlooked?

As an artist, right from the time I was at art school, I always believed that inclusion and interaction that offers support and belief is extremely nurturing to all. Long before The Collective Studio Baroda become known by this name, I was working for artists to raise funds and popularise their art  pro bono at all times. This is fuelled by my politics and my vision of what I desire the art environment in India to exemplify, through opportunity and engagements that are democratised and without power play as its calling card.

I believe that good art is found within every society and is what holds the longevity of historical value that no amount of manipulation can ever tamper or alter, even when attempts are made to obliterate and rewrite history. Whether any one of us as living artists can claim a historical pedestal before our demise would really be for others to determine - so in short what becomes much more valuable as a pursuit to desire is to live a life that dedicates itself to excellence, discovery, compassion and purpose…

The human body really is only a container for the pulse of our energies to resonate and perpetuate action and deed as a continuum of human purposefulness,  yet we become obsessed with things that derail our abilities to be enlightened through knowledge and insightfulness. I am always unable to be "light hearted" as the saying goes and join along in cruel laughter that is egged on by humour that is the camouflage for pettiness and vile intent. I prefer being the kill-joy or the wet blanket within such situations because somehow silence within such moments are endorsements of these debased attitudes .

Finally its about making a choice. Much as I am respectful of social media and its applications and  functions especially for communication and usability in education, I still see how damaging it can also be within society at large as it is most popularly being used in everyday life. We have more people socially dysfunctional in communication skills as the touch screen becomes the language through which everyone speaks today - abbreviated  & trunacted, with one-liners as lessons of profundity that ride the cyber space galore. Vicious words of war and calls to incite violence all get floated through this new-age communication that encourages mindless quickies as responses instead of thoughtful reflection of a measured response. 

Bitchiness also holds no space for loyalty. Call me old fashioned but loyalty is a basic requirement for me in my dictionary of what describes human relationships of worth.  I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded by friends and loved ones who equally hold value to such endorsements.  I make art  because I hold hope and belief in better world. This matters greatly to me.

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