Saturday, 10 October 2009

I'm crossing my fingers for you....

Often things that are completely unrelated bring about connections that set your mind thinking. The other day a friend asked me what is it that I could say which beckons me to want to look at a work of art. And my immediate reply was that, "the faith that it would hold the potential to offer me something to engage with."

Yesterday when the breaking news of Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize occurred, my reactions through the day were to question if he in fact really had done anything that deserved this award, and I even voiced this concern with friends over dinner. But later in my green-tea meditative space of nocturnal reflections (!), I revisited my response to my friends' question about what beckons one to look at something, and I understood the significance of why Barack Obama had been chosen as the recipient of this award.

Putting aside whether one personally believes in such awards being of relevance, and seeing it instead as a symbol that has global readability for the representation of peace, one can then understand that in bestowing this upon him suggests that Barack Obama offers the faith to hold the potential to engage with change, that may deliver hope for peace.
I think I would stand by that and applaud. Because we need in today's times more than ever before tangible larger than life symbols to connect to, that shift the sands of old patterns and create the resolve to readdress systems that have failed to work for peaceful human co-existence.

I think the world needs to help Barack Obama bring those changes to the table that he has promised repeatedly during his election campaign, so let's work with him to remind him that we are waiting. The more we hold him accountable for the ideals of change he won his election mandate on, the more pressurized he will be to deliver to the global world on his domestic and foreign policies that he endorses that can evidence those changes, and showcase the peace process in war torn countries where America can broker peace. So let's be on the parade with him for this award, so that he understands that he must make good on his promises.

Right now I am on his side, waiting and watching and believing! However the clock is ticking....

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