Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I had a great day of painting yesterday. The type of day that leaves you feeling replete, like after a sumptuous meal that can go no further for the moment yet where you linger at the table purely because the comfort of pleasure holds you there! I often play with the lighting at the close of day in my studio and watch the painting change itself as the lights dim or intensify! Silly games but what occurs is that one's imagination takes flight too as the painting "speaks" out differently in each of these varying moments.

The bright red upon which a yellow tiger leaps and the ocher land strips and vivid green trees that dot the space around, all fight to be seen as the chemistry of colours between them play off and against one other, like a choir group in harmony. At these moments of viewing I automatically get placed as the outsider to the painting, and it is only when I physically paint that I can step into it's territory and "live" inside it once again! Strange but that's the way it is for me!

At the stage at which the work is right now, the excitement of meeting up with the work each morning is like those early days of courtship, where energies are taut with anticipation to see your lover again. So I am going to leave you now to go to my studio and paint. The yellow tiger will be stroked with more yellow paint today!

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