Saturday, 26 December 2009

....the day after!

Having all the children roaring with laughter over stupid jokes and oohing and aahing over home cooked food and my staple chocolate cake all decorated with tinsel junk from past cakes that date back to my childhood, is what I believe are some of the best pleasures of life for me. Our little adopted granddaughter sat with her eyes all agog and blissfully happy, as Christmas magic still holds true for her. The older children just delight in it being one more excuse for us to pile the dinner table and dress up! Mithun always comes home to Baroda. And the rituals of fun extend yet another year. as each one adds to these interludes by bringing something special and unique of themselves, by virtue of who they are.

Our shoe box of old photographs have many similar group photographs, yet each of these photos are unique because they hold distinctive memories of specialness that are the imprint of the spirit of those people that smile back at you. Our homes have varied in size, often being really tiny, yet we have managed to squeeze in friends and extended family to spill about the space and never once have we felt crowded out. What is infinitely beautiful is the pleasure of sharing and being together.

My gift to my loved one's this new year is a limited edition desk calender I designed, with photographs of Begum, taken by me with my nokia N79! I think I was more thrilled by the secret of doing it as a surprise and all the surreptitiousness that was required to get it made! So watch your mailbox, it maybe winging itself to you. Conditions to receive it however apply. Excited squealing is mandatory!

Regarding an update on my duck story; in response to an sms enquiring about how my Christmas dinner went; I replied, "My duck didn't quack at the table!"

Bon Appetite to all of you for this festive season!

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