Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

2010..... but it seems like only yesterday that I was in another year!

Time means different things for different people, so I will leave you to interpret the great philosophical content behind my smart one-liner!

Like a true half Baavi, madness rules my life unknown to others; and so when I sat to do my yearly stock taking on how 2009 had panned out for me, as the cusp of the new year ticked in, I had a whirling-twirling-swirling image of myself in perpetual motion! Like a dervish I spin about all the time. And though I was "technically" on a self imposed "sabbatical" from doing any heavy-duty work for a year, neither my brush nor my head stayed still for a moment. Besides which I cooked frantically, taught passionately, blogged one fingeredly, travelled feverishly, mothered indulgently, read hungrily, gymed enthusiastically, baby sat Begum our new adopted feline gustily, laughed and cried emotionally.....and 365 days flashed by!

My new year resolution for 2010 :

To whirl and twirl and swirl with even more abandon!

As I sat with close friends and family watching red heart shaped gas balloons nestle on the ceiling of our front veranda at 2 am in the morning, sipping green tea and laughing over everything and nothing, I knew I was born under the luckiest star in the universe.

Have a HAPPY HAPPY New Year and make each of the 365 days meaningful for yourself, because I intend to do just that!

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