Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I surrender....

My cat Begum believes, that all things mine are hers too. Well she isn't too far off the mark considering I am wrapped around her whiskers, eternally adoring, and basically a huge pushover who does exactly as she desires. So sitting on my computer (yes quite literally) and pressing buttons (in this case not mere emotional ones), she sends off emails half written and tampers with my blog as I write it; making me appear a half wit (which I guess is the real truth about me), to all and sundry!

Mithun looks at me with utter disbelief as curios and other precious items lie in smithereens and I just turn a blind eye. The human fraternity around me expect my patience to snap at such incidents, and I get betrayed looks from them as I fuss and dote over this fur-ball menace who knows she reigns supreme. I am the "on call 24 X 7" court jester who is in attendance to Ms. four paws, who knows no night or day if whimsy takes over and entertainment is sought.

Her favourite way of getting my attention anytime, is to drop items I love off tables and niches which has me instantly on my hands and knees (quite literally) grovelling before her! That apart, my wake up call each morning is to get my nose licked, and if I dare not respond with utterances that pronounce me awake to her enquiries, I get my ankles nipped; and so of course I am ram rod straight in my bed : awake, alert, and reporting for duty. Jai Hind!

Some days she is kind and will sit (all 5 kgs of her) wobbling like a womble on my hip as I sleep those few stolen moments longer. All the while she curls her back paw claws into me every few seconds (just to get a good grip!) and expects me to dream through this special acupuncture session I receive!

All my clothes are finely layered with the shedding of her fur, as she inspects my wardrobes each day diligently and with thoroughness; and I can see it in her eyes that she expects appreciation for this gift of high quality fur left behind that even PETA could not find fault with. Her favourite pastime is to play with any dangling item of my clothing; and these days the edges of my expensive shawls have become her chewing rags whilst she contemplates the world around her, with dilated eyes of pure delight! Wet patches at my shins announce that yet again my teething whiskered feline phantom has done her deed, and vanished!

But to the world around she looks just like any other cute kitty cat! They whistle and make kissing sounds at her, not knowing that a little devious minx exists between those pointy ears of hers. She looks at me in such moments with such utter pity etched in her green and cunning little eyes, that read: "Stupid humans each of them, with no self dignity; and such demeaning behaviour. Tell them to get a life!"


  1. This post reminds me of my pet cat.Miss him a lot.Cattitude Rules.Your painting Pukar Billi Billi is amazing.Want to check it out soon.Ciao