Sunday, 13 June 2010

Let kids remain kids please.....

I went to see the new film that is currently showing in the theatres called "Karate Kid" because I am always entertained by the magic of Jackie Chang's acting. However this was a bit of a hoax, and I was utterly disappointed to find myself watching a ridiculously dated story that revolves around Will Smith's son (sweet as he is I am sure), who is a very ordinary actor. It appears to me that the enthusiasm of doting parents who have produced this film, is perhaps the reason behind allowing Jaden Smith to believe that he has the acting prowess to hold a film on his own merit. I am choosing however to refrain from writing a more detailed critique of the film because I would not want to comment on a child in ways that can certainly be negative to their self esteem.

Therefore what haunts me much more than the mediocrity of the film (because it doesn't even hold up to the promise of the genre it is slotted within), is that celebrity parents like the Smith's did not comprehend the lose of innocence that such a choice brings with it. Bad enough that this young boy is already exposed to the media glare with having celebrity parents; but now he can never just hang loose or go unnoticed in public spaces, and experience his teenage years away from the spotlight of "fame and celebrity status" being umbrellaed over him.

Hollywood is full of stories of child stars who suffer burn outs and become wasted in the struggle that growing up too soon brings along. Why on earth would parents who are obviously financially so well off as the Smith's are, want to place their child in this public domain for display. Nothing can ever compensate a carefree childhood and there are many requests and desires that children have, that are not always age appropriate. Just say NO! It must be the wisdom of parents to preserve that space of growing which every child needs, that is supported by what is relevant and essential to the age of the child.

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