Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Snuffed out without a whimper....

How cheap is life in India.

26 years after a tragedy that the entire world knows to be a result of utter negligence, justice and compensation are still to be offered to the Bhopal gas victims and their dependents.

The photograph of the dead child's head with glazed eyes that many photographers documented, and which symbolises for so many of us the horror of those countless silent voices who were killed or maimed as a consequence of disregard, now remains just an archival data for those who dispense justice.

Shame on the lack of will of those who were responsible to review and handle the enquiry of this case. Shame on countries that stand for progress and development. Shame on our silence and apathy that allows the offenders to escape punishment.

Life certainly seems cheap when accountability for safety and protection of life is conveniently avoided, and the tragedy of thousands can become a closed chapter in the blink of an eye. How bankrupt are we in our conscience?

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