Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Each time I know myself better for this....

Compassion and reconciliation: Look around us and there is so much violence that is triggered by the forces of negative energies that we choose to stay imprisoned by, with no consideration to the fact that we need to re-evaluate how a past and a present does not remain in conflict forever. In the personal spaces of my own world, I negotiate with my self at all times to find ways where I can influence the energies that I govern; to design a harmony of co-existence for myself and those around me. The ethos of such a framework is not a simple black and white one with an attempt to pretty-Polly situations of gravity. Far from it. To forgive and forget is in fact not even a consideration on some occasions, yet compassion and reconciliation can still be the lessons that guide our spirit, and allow us to move forward in life.

I know this to be the only way for me to know myself.

Today the people of the valley sit with the hope that solutions can be found from this charter of compassion and reconciliation. The useless rage of damnation takes us nowhere yet if we look within ourselves, this dark ugly whirlpool hides in our gut ever so quietly and comes up in surges of magnitude, to sweep away the tenderness that fragility offers as the greatest gift of life.

Each of us need to quell these disruptive forces in the mediation of learning who we wish to be; only then can we expect for the balance in life to hold our own equilibrium with truth and conviction.

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