Saturday, 23 April 2011

A bumpy ride back home.....

Perhaps the Gods of travel took my words too seriously when I said that I enjoy my interludes at airports in between flights because yesterday my patience was sorely tested! To start off with I need to reexamine why I am under this mistaken impression that Jet Airways is worth my praise at all! The mismanagement and rudeness of their ground staff, their inability to recognise when they are at fault and their terrible delays are now becoming legendary. When I found, after sitting at the Mumbai terminal from 3 in the afternoon en route from Nagpur to Baroda, that my flight had departed without me on it, I began to feel as though I was in a bad espionage film that had no beginning and no end! My flight which was supposes to leave at 6 pm and was delayed to 7 pm had left without adequate announcements. The din of noise obliterates the clarity of announcements and then sloppy management makes matters worse. I had gone to the designated gate (where no signage related to the flight was displayed either!), a half hour before the boarding time to make an enquiry, and was told that the captain for the plane was still on another flight(!) and so therefore no announcement could be made regarding the estimated time of departure. Another gentleman and myself (we had only cabin luggage) were left stranded because I guess the airline wanted to do a quick speed-up job on their delay story so we were the sacrificial bakkras! The decay sets in when a service sector becomes haughty and rude and treats you like delinquent children forgetting that we are clients!!! Well for all those listening please note that the day Indigo provides the option of frequent flier mileage, I am switching my custom over to them in an instant. Their carriers are better, their service is brilliant and they appear to value their clients with an understanding that it is the patronage of people that keep their company in business.

I was in Nagpur to be with my cousin sister as her husband passed away suddenly. An untimely death is the hardest thing to come to terms with. It is at such times that it perhaps becomes relevant to contemplate on the nature of our relationship with others. Whether the hostilities and pettiness that crowds life is worth it all at the end of the day. Pangas and katti's are childish yet rampant in most families. Two of our spiritual children come from a family of such complex discord. The simplest gestures of expected nurturing from parents are fermented in cesspools of their troubled personal histories and so these children are wrapped in rancid attitudes instead of where love and compassion ought to be. As I insist each day within the collective and with those I love for each of us to find our true potential, it is with the desire that the truth of our energies do not get wasted into faint memories. Each of us need to be the best that we can be, because otherwise we will forgo the delight of knowing ourselves to the fullest possibility. At all times the space of consideration and love for the other must evidence itself.

My friend from Bangalore has flown down to assist me with some work I am currently doing which uses photographic images I have taken over the last few years. Old friendships are the greatest comfort. You can be together with no explanations and time fills in more memories that keep the chain of connection never ending. Yesterday with my Jet airways disaster day I had to fly to Ahmadabad. It was my best friend and one of my spiritual daughters who in a jiffy hopped into the car and came tearing down the highway to pick me up at night, leaving all else unattended. From my professional world to my personal space, I have been able to connect up with the most positive factors of peoples energies. Maybe the saying is true about being born under a lucky star because I for one certainly have a charmed life from the love and generosity of spirit I receive each day!

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  1. Hi Rekha.....I just can imagine what you must have felt on missing that flight.......they have once sent 4 of our japanese guests via some place[a journey which should have taken 1 hr took 6 hrs] to accommodate some VIPs and those VIPs travelled on Japanese names............I actually got Times of India to expose that..........Jet is arrogant and without any scrupples.

    Glad to be in touch..........

    Kavita Nagpur