Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Find energies for the windmills of your soul

As a teacher and a parent the rules that I operate by is determined by what I recognise to be necessary for the other to enable themselves to deliver the best of themselves to themselves. One perseveres to keep ones radar always alert; and then the reward is those moments when you see such an illumination of understanding guide the spirit of the other. Last Sunday was such a moment.

One of our spiritual students who is doing her MA program, and writing her thesis, understood the value of how personal histories become relevant within the collective areas of communication; and that transparency and openness are factors that are crucial within the engagement of making art.

On the other hand my little adopted granddaughter Aditi shared her sorrow and grief over her favourite street dog's untimely death; and as she cried momentarily and silently in my embrace, she taught us the simple lesson of how an openness to share can help heal us. Because the wisdom in recognising that in showing ones vulnerability lies courage and strength is perhaps the most difficult one to learn.

I am in Bombay today and Mithun's pet goldfish Noni is really unwell. As we helplessly watch this fragile beauty lie listless on the pebbles on the base of her bowl-home, I wish I could let her know how much we love her, and that her swishing transparent fins and tail were like wings on our spirit, and that we need her in our lives perhaps more than her beady eyes comprehend.

Inanimate plastic objects shaped like zoo-zoo's sit between a plastic flower pot on Mithun and Samera's drawing room window sill. Powered by solar energy these inanimate objects get infused with a "life" and sit nodding as the leaves of the plant move in unison as though to some music that we cannot hear. As Noni lies with energies fast depleting, these plastic objects become strangely comforting to me.

Today I am meeting a young cinematographer. Perhaps the meeting will bring a new engagement into my life. What is the outcome what becomes most relevant perhaps is that we allow for energies to wash over us, and see if we can tap rhythms out of them.


  1. In the midst of life there is death, in the midst of death there is life...Marie Corelli. Let us not keep our love in alabaster boxes and wait to give them when they are dead. Give it now, while our ears and hearts can be thrilled... who knows what the morrow lays in store?... Good Day to you Rekhajee, Best wishes in whatever you undertake.

  2. My Dad's brother passed away on the 6th of April at the age of 96; a person whom one would consider as having lived a successful life.
    Handsome, brilliant, doted with the spirit of adventure and the gift of the gab...In the 50's, he did a world tour by car for nearly 2 years, sponsored by Citroen with wife & son...He moved about with the elite, and had a life style of a man who had the means... So how could he accept a brother, (who, in comparison to him was like 'Rampur ka Laxman', who never believed in 'show', in short, who shared almost nothing in common), and his own children, who were not able to attain the bar he placed so high?
    With the result that, though living quite close to one another, they never met for nearly 2 decades...Uncle and dad, who in the prime of their lives, helped many young people to pursue education and settle down in this foriegn land, were quite forgotten when they were no longer useful. Towards the end, Uncle was in a physical condition when it is nature's kindest boon to die...
    This makes me ask, on what criteria does one measure success or failure? Though I did not know him very well, I cannot help feeling deep regret that no effort was made by either of them to put aside past grieviances before the draw of the final curtain...
    I had no idea that my previous post would be premonitory of this sad event...
    Uncle, May You Rest In Peace.

  3. Our deepest condolence for the passing away of your Uncle. All familes have stories of pain and conflict which are like smudges on a white wall that are stuborn and that often never quite go awaydespite all the efforts made. But the hope of new beginings and learning from the mistakes of others is your passport to a journey in life which can hold more wisdom. You become the light that dispels the darkness or gloom of the past.

    Be strong and hold the best memories with you today.


  4. Today our families attended the funeral ceremony in the strictest intimacy...When I saw the tears of sorrow in my dad's eyes I knew that all the sneers and the snubs had been forgiven...Now 83 and with diminishing vitality, I guess he knows it won't be long before they meet again.
    Thank You for your kind thoughts.