Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pack light in life....

I read somewhere that to learn one adds something each day to one's life, but to become enlightened one must remove something everyday. I really do see this as such a simple illustration to the path of wisdom; where the endeavour is to finally find that exquisite essence that holds the entire flavour of the universe. I was recently within a situation where I was attempting to harness the energies of a group of people in which both the individual and the collective requirements of engagement needed to be equally addressed by them. What sometimes happens in these spaces is that good intentions do not always translate into necessary actions, and as a result opportunities to confront the space of truth to get to that location of wisdom within ones intellectual self, gets squandered.

I was reminded of my years as a student of photography under the guidance of Prof. Jyoti Bhatt, who always insisted that one only needed a basic professional camera with which to take a good photograph. All else depended on what one trains the eye to see. So in the 180 degree spectrum of vision, that holds movement and randomness in most instances, what you freeze as the frame becomes what your mind recognises as relevant.

Arrogance and humility are the two elements that make up my essential "luggage" as I struggle to live each day. I have the arrogance to desire to survive, and require the humility to comprehend my insignificance within the vastness of the universe. Within this balance lies the possibility for me to find myself, with less illusions as a smoke screen between myself and my own truth.

Wisdom requires one to alter ones energies all the time. Like a musical equalizer, ones energies in life must produce the best "pitch", if it is to be pure and magical and uplifting so that one's spirit may truly soar.

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  1. Absolutely awesome posts Rekhajee, to find the right balance between self-pride and humility, between kindness and firmness, between all the dualities that life proposes, to find the nirvanic state of bliss and to pull our fellow men along...isn't that what our existences are all about? Thank you for penning so beautifully.