Monday, 28 March 2011

Whose afraid of Virgina Wolf!

Life must have the space within which to dream, yet the most advantageous use of dreams in a lifespan is when it holds the vital factors of planning, cast from that rather boring mould called practicality. I have had an unusual life where my choices were not always prescriptive in relation to expected norms. But perhaps the significance of being different from ones peers, is that the alternative road travelled should be a journey which holds deliberation, reason and purpose, and does not entertain the romance of posturing merely because one is attempting to live a dream at all costs!

India is a harsh country, and as I have repeatedly said, more so for women who desire to live outside of the box of societal expectations. To make this a feasible space that does not push you into a corner one must devise a strong mental attitude that holds courage and conviction; where philosophy and survival do not become polemical positions but instead work in compatible ways that nurture the dignity of ones survival at all times.

The art world is a place where often dreams lead to tragic destruction. This is so easily avoidable if simple methods are used to comprehend ones existing reality. There will always be someone out there who believes in you. The problem lies in whether we know what to do with that belief. Feminist journeys are not mere fables but are in fact meticulous maps of strategy that have been born from confronting ones own vulnerabilities. It is a legacy that must be held with responsibility by all of us who have chosen to inherit it.

The most liberating stories of personal struggles are those stories where triumph is the expected result from the orator. Everyone struggles to reach their targeted goals. What is relevant in the lead-up to the success stories, is that each individual understands the relevance of the responsibility to self govern. There in lies the key to ones personal heaven.

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