Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Present in Spirit.....!

Each day I write a blog post in my head! No I have not turned senile yet nor have I completely turned batty either. I am simply unable to get the time to sit and put it out there in the cyber world of our shared communication because right now I am working each day with my spiritual children on the building site, for a home that we are constructing for one of them who is a young and brilliant young painter. The land for this home was purchased by this young artist's parents. However for certain personal reasons the construction of the home was not something they were willing to undertake, and so Surendran and I stepped in to make this an act of belief for someone we love. All those within the collective have given financial aid and personal support towards this project with a generosity that is humbling. The philosophy of the collective that exists at home (which is neither an institution nor a prescriptive space), is one which is based upon the values of co-existence that is founded upon sensitivity, compassion and the desire of nurturing goodness and purposefulness with a belief that life is a privileged energy to have. The collective (as we call it) just exists because it does - and young loved ones who are students or practising artists belong within the embrace of its energy and disciple by personal choice alone. It is an alternative family and I often jokingly refer to our home and lives as a Jane Austin book gone slightly off script!

Women's day saw a great landmark victory of sisterhood. I am grateful that the life of Aruna Shanbaug was valued by a fraternity of women who continue to love and care for her in service because she simply is their "sister". I understand the scientific space of the debate and for myself would not want if ever in this condition, to be kept alive; but choose to stand in a position of emotional empathy with this case.

I am tortured by the situation unfolding in Libya. How a leader can so blatantly lie to his own people is one factor but to do it so incredibly stupidly with stories of hallucinatory drugs distributed by the Al Qaeda and the foreign press, being the reason of the peoples this for real?! What an absolute blundering idiot Gaddafi is. But lets face it. Uncle Sam is once again responsible for much of this mess. Poor Obama....the white brothers did you in historically, so when you desire to step forward to carry forth a legacy, know that it is blood stained and the miracles of a new detergent may not work the magic you anticipated after all.

Am all turbaned up and off to the building site. We have procured free sample tiles donated by stores to us. The sorting and the mix and matching are an exhaustive process, but great fun too. The bathrooms and kitchen are all a patch-work of bizarre wonderment that will never leave this young artist bored in her new home!

So I'm signing off and trudging out to my new job! Send us your good energies to cheer us on.


  1. i like the way you keep changing tracks every para...takes me to a different world...

  2. So many messages you have conveyed in such limited space & time...Rekhajee thank you for proving once again that kindness is an active force, not merely a sentiment. That your collective is embraced by such a dynamic and caring spirit as yours is wonderful...Positive energies must be flowing from all over to make your project a great success.
    The various turmoils are that our planet is facing are constant reminders that we have to live the present to the fullest, act in the best way possible, for the morrow always remains uncertain. So keep going, point out the way, and we will follow.