Monday, 12 March 2012

At the airport.....waiting to fly with false wings!

Off to Thailand and Vietnam with three friends and Surendran. What will this trip offer you may ask? For me the joy of travel with selected friends is a space that opens discourses that ramble through many days, and where new sights and sounds are discovered together with a different type of curiosity.

Idlis and bacon strips for breakfast is my holiday fare whenever I travel in India! Right now hot chocolate and a quick tour of the duty free shops are the last thing before I hop on to the plane.

Time to cheerio.....

Left begum with her whiskers twitching.

She knows when my bags are out that I am about to fly the coop!

Have to run....

Tata bye-bye!
Quick check...passport, ticket, camera, money.....yes....all set to go!

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  1. Having heard of the bomb blasts at your end, here's hoping that your holiday has not been jeopardized in any way...Looking forward to hearing from you...:)