Monday, 5 March 2012

Spliced together....half truths don't often make a full one!

I went to see a play on Saturday. I find theatre an interesting space of performance. Like looking at a work of art, it is the emotive energies that are the connectives for your response and participation within these artificial locations of communication.  As an artist the construct of the "staged" is the module that I have used repeatedly.....placing the figures that are orators of intentions, central and often confrontational,  to create a space of interpretation. What results can only be controlled up to a point. It is perhaps this space of unpredictability that captures my interest  the most and tickles my curiosity to wonder what the perception of others may be.

The nuanced is often what is most impactful.  Hidden meanings that reveal themselves only if your sharpness allows. When doing my digital prints in which I use photographs I have taken and images of myself that others have taken of me, I compile the visuals like a woven text to reinvent from the real into the suggested. Watching the reactions of an audience from the unobserved corners of a gallery space is like another type of confessional box. The verbal exchanges between people that bring meanings to the work propose the methodologies of thinking.

Perched on two tables at different ends of our studio at home, Surendran and my paintings stand rather majestically as we paint them. Two women  commanding their own attention, inhabiting their individual corners as though in a boxing ring; as I imagine rather fancifully that they wait to fight out a territory both lay equal claim to.  Reflecting a shared politics our works still hold a multitude of nuances that offer different ways of perceiving similar things.

Meanings unravel only if we ask questions.  Yet sometimes it is interesting that the questions we ask of ourselves are often so way off the mark of accepting the truth. It is as though we set the stage in our lives to prop up the ideas that illusion alone can become reality at will. Zen over a cup of tea....maybe but my gut tells me more than the tea leaves do.

My computer engineer will soon be making a visit home to speed up my HP laptop. A cyber world and google god......ask the question-get the answer-right or wrong......toss the coin.

I can touch my toes again. Go yoga ...go!!!!

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