Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bubble gum promises yet again....

Promises of change during election campaigns are perhaps what erotic fantasies are like. They remain unreal and nobody talks about them openly after the act of seduction is over! I keep believing I am past the stage of anything shocking me anymore and then wham I'm knocked down in sheer amazement at the audaciousness of political stupidity all over again! This time it is Mamta Banerjee who has me with my jaw  dropped down in hell!  What is this lady all about! Does "didi" not have a clue about leadership and governance ? Suheil Seth quite aptly pointed out that perhaps she hasn't completely understood that she is not the leader of the opposition any longer, and should start governing her state as it's chief minister now! As for Derek O'Brien.....curly hair and all, he should comprehend that the violence his "didi" is orchestrating on the streets of Kolkata is for real, and not a street theatre production that will get a polite round of applause at the end of it from the citizens. However  I would certainly say that Mamta thy name  is Drama, without a doubt!

You also merely have to look at Mamta's face to realize that compassion and humaneness do not really sit as the mantle of wisdom on her scruffy white-saried shoulders. Lynch men and goons parade as party workers, and autocratic leftist practises are continued without apology by the Trinamol Congress party, so where does an electoral change evidence itself in all this. However as part of the Comedy Club that indian politics has become, what I find comically funny to watch is the "politicians walk"! Especially practiced by woman politicians,  it is a style that incorporates striding and power walking along with swinging your head from left to right to involve talking to your chamcha brigade that scuttles along with you. The surrounding fat men who form the supplicating entourage must all be sweaty, jiggly and skippy (generation Y takes on a new meaning!), to keep pace with "the leader" of the pack! These days Mamta dearest does this walking act proud! Maybe she feels that in doing this alone qualifies her to be the CM of West Bengal!

As India turns more medieval with horrendous atrocities continuously heaped on helpless female infants, we have the flip side where women in power like Mamta and Mayawati  make us hang our heads in shame with their violent and twisted ways. Can't we ever get it right? 

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