Saturday, 7 April 2012

Capability versus opportunity....

In conversation with the students and artists working within the Collective Studio I recently discussed the difference between capability and opportunity. Perhaps it is because I hear too much being made of the limitations that people desire to focus upon within themselves, and in the process disregard the opportunities that are within their grasp, that I thought it prudent that we examine what this difference is.  It may well require great effort and endeavour to utilise an opportunity, but this is precisely what challenges personal capabilities and raises the levels of our competence and enhances our performance. 

I still come from the old school of thought that chooses to view my life through the context of my existence, and to acknowledge the privilege of opportunities that have provided me a space to grow in every aspect of my life. I was not special at all in any way whatsoever. Yet opportunities recognised and used well have offered me the the scope to hone my abilities over the years and to push myself to learn and grow through  exposure and circumstance; to cultivate methodologies that accommodate time management so that I can maximise and multi-task efficiently.

The body is like all machines. It breaks down and creaks and protests in various places at all times; never being "perfect" as time proceeds, and with age thumbing it's nose in ones face to boot! I have long ago stopped letting my body dictate to my mind. I married my spirit to my mind at the early age of eighteen and thankfully this relationship remains as solid as ever!! When my body protests at times,  my mind treats it like a pesky kid and shuts it up!!!  So at fifty-three I can out do most on the gruelling schedules I maintain, and what this offers me is  the knowledge that I am utilising effectively both my capabilities and opportunities equally. The disciple of such a way of living has resulted in time holding great value.

Today we encourage our adopted granddaughter Aditi to be as holistic as possible. To not look at age alone as determining her abilities but to understand what she wishes to achieve and to take the required steps towards acquiring and honing her capabilities. As a result she uses every opportunity and recognises the rewards of such an approach. If only we had more children growing up with such an understanding, there would perhaps be a greater sense of fulfilment and achievement that individuals would feel in relation to their personal worlds of existence.

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