Thursday, 19 November 2009

If truth be told......

My police station saga brought about by "friends" who made false and bizarre accusations as a complaint against me, to avoid making a genuine payment owing to an agency who worked on the electrification of their home and graphic studio space, brought to my attention to how foolish one is when one ignores the warning signals we receive that indicate the actual character of people we befriend. I insist of myself a conscience keeping that has a massive space within it to take myself to task severely when I fail to live by the standards I have mapped as my value chart of life. I don't care how much of a pain and how tedious it is to do this exercise of self evaluation, especially as it is so private and can be skipped without anybody ever knowing, but it serves me well because I can look into the eyes of my son unflinchingly and know there is no hidden shame that exists in my gaze.

When we designate ourselves character traits we wish to be identified with, then surely these traits need to be imbibed factors that guide our actions. Truth and honesty are labels that must resonate not because we verbally pronounce them as character certificates about ourselves but should be put to the test when it involves ourselves coming clean on areas that hold our own frailty to be tempted to behave inappropriately.

Not one of us will not have encountered such temptations that bring out the worst desires in ourselves to behave in ways that are contradictory to our saner instincts, and our knowledge of what is right and wrong. The issue therefore is whether we allow ourselves the license to act out our irrationalities and debase our characters in the process.

Today in Baroda there is disgust and disbelief amongst common friends and associates that this couple could behave in such a corrupted way. The consequences to this will be felt for a long time, as the trust within a community has been severely damaged. What a shame that integrity is so easily squandered. What end does such actions serve except to boomerang in the face of those who try to sling the mud in the first place. The perception of others that watch from the sidelines hold censure, and though politeness may prevail, the reputation of this couple will take a long while to white wash, if ever.

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