Monday, 23 November 2009

Ma tuje Salaam....!

Today is my mothers birthday. Amma has been the family member that has remained most constantly there in my life for me, both spiritually and emotionally, and from that original "Palamkote foursome" that we started off as, today she and I make an "awesome- twosome" together! As time does to most things, the relationship we share has gone through many changes through circumstance and need; but what has always remained is a bond of togetherness that has special meaning for the two of us alone, and which holds stories of tenderness and love that I feel so blessed to have as memories that shape my past.

My mother is very special for me because she defied being a typical parent, and I grew up in a liberal framework so different from my own peers, where I could find the courage to be non-conformist in my own approach to life as well. This framework may not always have been perfect, but it certainly created opportunities for me to confront my own experiments with truth, and for this I remain deeply grateful to the wisdom of my mother, in leaving me to find myself through living life on my own terms.

I always knew that I wanted to take care of my parents when the reversal of roles occurred and their independence would finally wear down. Of course the journey that follows when parents come into their children's homes to "retire" is often fraught with irritations, frustrations and adjustments that stretch the patience of all concerned , and our story is no different. But at the end of all the trials and tribulations, the reward is that a family finds the wisdom to reinvent their love and cherish the spirit of life in all it's varying manifestations.

Today I salute you for being such a wonderful woman!

Ma tuje salaam!

I love you dearly.

Happy Birthday Amma.


  1. Rekha,
    the other day I finished reading A.R.Rahman- the musical storm' by Kamini Mathai. A wonderful biography.
    Rahman loves his mother like anything. His decisions are taken in consultation with her. She is the guide and friend.
    Rahman even sung 'Amma tujche salam' in his Vandemataram album.
    Just remembered him when I read your blog piece on mother.
    I posted a one article in my blog on Rahman..If you get time just go through...

    Then the stuff you said about Bodhi is apt and right.....I enjoyed reading it..


  2. I couldn't help coming back to this post after reading your recent one...Dear matajee, though you do not know me, I'd just like to tell you this: I know you to be a very strong person, it surely must have been tough to marry out of your community, to bring up your kids almost alone, to stand by your daughter through difficult times & to take care of your grandson during the important stage of his surely wasn't easy, yet you did it all...So Matajee, if I may, I'd like to hold your hand, and say that you have the satisfaction of having done a fine job, you can now pass your days in serenity...May you always feel loved, because finally, this is the only emotion that counts.