Saturday, 27 February 2010

I commend you sir.....stand tall forever....

I think that M.F Husain is a wise man. Why bother about a country who stands shuffling it's feet and looking away as targeted attacks on the integrity of a cultural icon occurs, stretching from one government to another in time, and no change in attitude occurs. Why should he feel any national pride or sense of belonging to an ethos of such betrayal? Why are we questioning his motives and once again absconding from our own accountability within this situation, that has led to a man of 95 finally defining his dignity by saying "thanks but no thanks, I am not going to wait forever at a closed door"! I salute you Husain saheb because I think no person should wait indefinitely for justice and be treated as a criminal when no crime has occurred in the first place.

We are a chicken livered society who pretends at being liberal and democratic, and who are instead hypocritically conservative with our noses forever in our neighbours garden, digging away for something fishy that will allow us to anoint ourselves with a feeling of superiority with our desire to drag people through the dirt. True grit belongs only in film scripts, whilst in reality apathy and corrupted values rule the politics of our entire nation. I commend Mr. Husain for showing up the pretenses of this entire farce that has gone on too long, garbed in communal robes and which has become a parody on what secular ideals should not ever be.

When a door is slammed in your face so deliberately and so crudely, why beg to be let in ? I for one am someone who will never seek an entry where I believe I am unwelcome. And no, I am not over simplifying this issue at all. India better wake up to the rot in our judicial system and the flaws of zealot vigilantism that is allowed to spread violence and fear so openly. A great artist without whom our art history would be incomplete, today has been welcomed by a country who has embraced him through his darkest hours. Why expect that this cultural hero should fight a battle for himself to prove his loyalty for his nation, when we have in fact orphaned him. The paradox is that we want to possess him and dispossess him at the same time!

I support Hussain saheb's decision to accept the Qatar citizenship. A host who treats you like a family member is one who truly respects you, and who deserves your trust. Why leave the comfort of their embrace for the brickbats of fanatics who crucify the innocent merely to flaunt their power? M.F Husain deserves to be offered dignity, respect, belief and trust. We have failed him on all these counts and in the process compromised our own history.


  1. Wish there were more voices like yours to shake us up from our placid indifference and remove the masks of hypocrisy. I sincerely hope that our young generation supports your ideas and continues this direction....bravo for at least trying to lead the way by bringing public awareness....

  2. Dear Rekhajee, Having read your hommage to this exceptional artist and person on the day of his demise, I felt like going back in time and rereading this post written more than fifteen months ago. Why is it that most great people have to be dead and gone to be justly appreciated?