Friday, 5 February 2010

My boy Shahrukh Khan!

Despite my tongue in cheek cheekiness about Shahrukh Khan, I am so damn proud of this guy for being absolutely clear on his position that he is not going to retract any statements he has made regarding his opinions about the IPL non inclusion of Pakistani cricketers, and that the Shiv Sena can take a walk because he is not going to be intimidated by their thuggery and threats. As a public figure who holds many people's attention he has established a very positive message about communal harmony that is far more genuine and truthful than all the public service messages put out to uphold Indian unity these days. If any one is the son of our nation right now it is Shahrukh Khan, so beta I embrace you. You have the courage that others need to learn from and emulate. Thank you!

Last night I didn't know whether to laugh or cry whilst listening to two interviews that Barkha Dutt conducted. One was with Rahul Bhatt about David Headly. The entire interview sounded like a school boy's attempt to get some brownie points from an indulgent teacher! The other was with Udhav Thackeray. This was an exercise in sheer idiocity. The man has no charisma, no basic intelligence, no comprehension of political history, no logic to his own positions and the funny thing is that he knows what a fool he really is! This was the most hilarious thing to observe. Even Barkha didn't even feel inclined to expose him beyond a point because she too knew that he too knew (!) what an idiot he comes across as!!! And he is being projected as a great leader of our times!!!

But the dangerous thing in all this is that little bullies don't like to be exposed for the cowards that they really are. So with Mr. U. Thackeray showing himself up to be the wimp that he really is, I fear that the goondas will be now sent out to flex their muscles to make up for mister in your face stupidities inability to look strong. Well the nation waits and watches. Lets hope that innocent people and property do not become the helpless targets of madmen on the rampage. And lets hope that the law enforcing agencies know what is right from wrong!

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