Thursday, 26 May 2011

The IFad .....

I should have realised that the big hype of the IPad was something to be slightly cautious about before acquiring it. The great apple product comes with very little information and at every twist and turn one is obliged to go on line to apple forums to search for other bakra's who are in a similar tight spot! No user manual comes with it and if you are an owner of a Windows PC you are automatically in the second class citizen circuit regarding usability access.

Why the various iStore outlets cannot become mini centralised hubs that offer you the service of "equipping" you with the numerous downloads necessary to actually use the device, beats me. I am obliged to get a credit card (something I politically resisted so far) only because I will then be "allowed" to register at the hallowed iTunes Store!

My real reason to acquire this gadget was because I saw it as offering me a portable light weight "office"- for quick access to the Internet for referencing, for emailing and for blogging. Well please note that the hype of 3G also needs to be slightly tempered down. It is NOT available at all places and nobody informs you that it has the potential of being VERY expensive with its maximum offers not really exceeding 5GB download limit! So baby unless you are with deep pockets to run up high bills, I seriously suggest potential iPad buyers to engage in an in depth fact finding mission. The "boys" at my iStore are very sweet and I really endorse their efficiency of service.....but unfortunately they are not sufficiently clued up either.

So before I register for the great baptism at the iTunes Store I am choosing to "register" my utter dissatisfaction for this gadget. "Simple" should translate to user friendly and efficient. A simple manual rather than always having to go online to long demo lectures that waste time is a logical option that should have been considered. But then I forgot that the gadgets target audience is using it as an entertainment play toy. Silly me to take the iPad so seriously!!!!!

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