Saturday, 28 May 2011

Slow and steady?

Today is my first blog post from my iPad 2 and I am attempting to put aside my frustrations of the numerous "don't know" things that still remain irritating without a manual reference to guide one, and plunge into this new world of mobility connectivity with a determined desire to plug in! Samera and Malavika are my two guardian angles of the cyber world and both eves with a tree full of apples that they know exactly what to do the half bitten one is no big deal to tackle!

I was in Bombay for a meeting (and am at the airport right now where hopefully the flight will not leave without me!) and had the wonderful opportunity of being taken around the current NGMA exhibition by Mortimer Chaterjee who brought alive this amazingly well curated show titled Homi Bhabha and Modern Indian Art:The collection of TATA institute of fundamental research. This is a MUST see for anyone who needs an education in the presentation of a well crafted show and who delights in the bracketing of a selected factor of interest, to examine.

As I sit in the bus and tap on the touch screen of this little magic slate I am willing to concede that my earlier irritation is slowly going to be replaced with an acceptance that the potential of this portable communicator holds the ability to seduce me


  1. Congratulations Rekhajee, for the purchase and use of this wonderful slate...How fast we are advancing! Today, 2 year olds can enjoy their favorite songs on an iphone which they so quickly learn to manipulate, and 8 year olds are capable of creating web-sites...The younger generations want immediate responses, everything here and now., We seem to be swept away by this whirlwind of technology...wonder where it will take us...

  2. Having survived chicken flu, swine flu, mad cow illness, trembling sheep disease, infected oysters etc etc...Let us now be wary of contaminated cucumbers,tomatoes, lettuce and perhaps melons! (at least 16 deaths registered in Europe so far)...Is there anything left to eat which is 100% harmless?

  3. The said vegetables have been proved innocent!
    Spain accuses Germany of defamation and wants compensation! So the mystery remains unsolved, who's the culprit? Everything in the plate is now suspected! Tons of fresh salads and cucumbers have remained on the shelves, untouched by a wary population.

  4. 'Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn from no other!' ..and how do we call those who will not even learn from their past experiences? ...If we recall what happened in the '80s, when thousands of cows were slaughtered 'cos they had been poisoned by their food which contained contaminated animal flour? ..It is probable that this type of flour,(hopefully bacteria free now) which had been banned for so many years will be back in the market to feed fish, poultry and pigs...(cows excluded for the moment)...the debate is on, alas, looks like history is going to repeat itself...