Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's up doc?!

What a difference a day makes! The words of this old song certainly ring true. Didi is in, Amma is in and Auntyji is beginning to host tea parties hopefully not ala Sarah Palin istyle please!!! As for Kanimozhi, poor soul, it may well be the sparse jail diet for a while. Anyway with the memories that politician's have, she may yet be tomorrows calendar girl for the Congress, rosy lips and all!

I am not a great "didi" supporter yet I cannot help thinking that almost anything will be better than the old fuddy-duddy Babu culture of West Bengal. I had the experience of traveling to Bhutan in 2006 and flew out from the Calcutta International airport. Oh my Lord....what an experience. It was literally like being in a time warp. No computers were in sight. The reason given was that then people would be without jobs!!!! So all the international passengers were given hand written boarding passes!!!! Let us also hope that Ms. Banerjee with all the painting she is doing recently, becomes more "cultured" and stops screeching like an imported macaw from South America.

Karan Thappar must be fretting and wondering how to make up to Ammaji. Many moons ago when he harangued the fat lady because she wouldn't sing to his tune, and had instead brought her "script" to read out answers from ( like the good convent educated girl that she is); he in all his Doon school wisdom decided to give her a lesson in tongue lashings in the traditions of whipping/caning learnt in those elite corridors of public school boyhood years! She pouted and left, he grimaced and stayed on....

Anyway in the dark corridors of politics all types of exchanges can happen including kissing and making up with your sworn enemy, so maybe Colgate smile Ammaji will come with her cape in place and give wonder woman interview to suitable K boy; and simpering Simi will trill in the corner beseeching Ammaji to come and hold hands with her and twitter in soft focus together.

Rahul boy will end up proposing to Mayawati. This will bring peace to the nation. She will bring with her as her dowry the state of chaos and Utter Pradesh. Dressed in a Barbie doll pink gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen Mayawati will promise in her marriage vows to "obey" the king in waiting of the Congress.

As 2 and 3G scams fade away , new epic dramas will pop up. Amar Singh and Digvijay Singh will audition for the lead villains whilst Shiela auntie will look the other way as the kids on her block play truant. The batting line up for parliamentarians will be headed by has been cricketers and Shatrugun Sinha will retire to Sikkim to help his buddy Danny boy with managing his brewery. Jaya B. will continue to "be" the suffering tragic heroine that she is and Jaya Prada will keep all bullock-carts off her Christmas shopping forever!

But as always another day is yet to dawn. And as we doze off momentarily, who knows what will slip out from under the coverlets the next morning as breaking news that make wake up caffeine quickies look like tepid water in comparison!

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  1. Dear Rekhajee, This post seems to be reserved for your Indian followers, who can understand its ironies & for me, seated between two cultural chairs, am able to recognize some of yesteryear's filmy icons...I affectionnate Simi G, (if it is her you are referring to) The little I know leads me to believe that she is above the ordinary crowd.