Monday, 16 January 2012

2012....gizmo's.... and life from the heart of Sauparnika!

I don't think I mentioned that I purchased an I Mac 27 inch computer recently. If you are not impressed then it is because you do not know what a duh I am with the gizmo's of technology! Holding a paint brush, and that too not without dropping it on far too many occasions,  is my only claim to some sort of competence  matters of skill and cerebral functions!!! So without further ado, I expect some wah- wahs to come my way please.  From the world of windows as an operating system my brain is now on another trajectory of learning, as I valiantly thump (middle finger only still) on the pristine white key board of Steve Jobs legacy to the world. 

My trusted N 79 Nokia decided that life with me wasn't worth it after all and did lots of hanging tricks, beeping out calls whilst I was mid flow in eloquent speech and making obscene sounding growling noises that no body else could hear, except me! All in all it did act with all the histrionics that would put a qualified actor to shame. So I marched off in a huff after being put through this drama for a week to buy a new mobile phone. Mithun and Surendran who worship at the alter of the I phone S4 kept hissing this into my ear to buy the I phone S4 as though dooms day was around the corner if I didn't! Suffice to say chingoosegiri played a large role in my decision and I opted for a HTC ChaCha that was as basic as I could get without really wearing my dullness too publicly!!!

Life at our home,  Sauparnika,  has been hectic over the last five months. Deadlines loomed and work has over flowed from the four corners of my studio, with dawn and dusk knowing no difference for me.  After returning from the opening of my solo show in Mumbai, family, friends and guests have visited us amidst  a crazy schedule of work, but as always the rhythm of Sauparnika embraces everything without much of a hiccup; and laced within all timetables is a healthy dose of fun. One of our artist 's in residence, Karishma D'Sousa, has gone to Amsterdam to the Rijkes Academy for a year. The Collective Studio seems empty without her! As she grapples with settling into a new existence in the Netherlands, we fill the void in Baroda with memories of her effervescence and recollections of how she could always make us laugh. I miss you dear friend. Enjoy the windmill city and get lost in it's magic so that you can find new and even more amazing imaginative landscapes, with which  to fill your  pictorial narratives.

Our Korean student's mother has just flown back today to Korea after a ten day visit with us. She spoke no English yet filled our home with the humility of her grace and containment,  and most specially her inner peace. Nothing appeared alien to this dignified lady who was led through all the new experiences of Indian family life through her wisdom to accept and adapt. What touched Surendran and me the most was her genuine gratitude for loving her daughter unconditionally, and for teaching her life lessons that she herself was unable to do, from the distance that separates them. Her implicit trust in us, which has not wavered in all the six years of our disciplined strictness with her daughter, was evidenced by her desire to come all these many miles just to say thank you to us. We have taught many children over the last 25 years, but no parent has ever honoured us so genuinely as Kyoungja has.  Thank you Kyounja for acknowledging that indeed we share a daughter with you.

But now on to more trivial and banal factors of Sauparnika hooliganism! The 14th of January 2012 saw the official "kishkinda clan" scream themselves hoarse from the terrace. With the boom-box blaring an old Indian idol CD as my contribution to loud festivity, we enthusiastically flew kites in the blazing hot sun, with only a whisper of a breeze to facilitate our brave kite flying efforts! However the evening sky turned magical as the old traditions of flying lighted candles lit up the horizon. I was reminded of our Australian artist friend Jon Cattapan's paintings that are often nights capes of city lights, ablaze like twinkling stars.

I have started yoga and as my inflexible muscles protest I struggle to contort my body into fluid movements that look easier when others do them! I shall resume my nocturnal walks tonight.....other than angry dogs in our neighbourhood, the city takes on a quite innocence late at night as we pad down by-lanes quietly day dreaming at the wrong time of the day!

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