Saturday, 21 January 2012

Snippets from Saturday the 21st 2012

I was at a friends home for dinner the other night and met up with an Indian artist (who has recently shifted base to Baroda from Bombay), who had just returned from a residency abroad. Interested to know what work the artist had done on this residency  (which is at a very beautiful location in Europe and which is very conducive space to do work at), and curious to know his experiences as an artist within a different cultural space, I asked him about his trip. I was informed very proudly without a blink of an eye, and I quote : "I only had fun, I did no work"! Well go figure....this is unfortunately the sort of unstated trend that is prevalent with so many artists these days; and the end result :  opportunities that can challenge and open the mind are squandered for a bottle of booze and some weed! Well the sixties seem to have been cemented forever with ponytails and psychedelic fantasies come alive again!!!

I am on a weeks chutti from work! It feels good but the dreams of lazing about haven't taken shape with the   management of the Collective Studio and domestic demands absorbing time. However I am getting my roll on the carpet time.....with Begum our cat silly.....! Much fur flies as I get royally pummelled into knowing what my place is by my fiery cat with attitude!

I am contemplating getting a swish computer chair recommended to me by an old friend whose partner has one. I have an old fashioned wooden desk that is the style of military furniture that I grew up using. Now my dilemma is that if my legs are to fit under the table at the correct height and my neck has to be at the correct angle (and who knows where my brains need to be in all this adjustment!), then I may well have to sacrifice this beautiful large draw that I have in this "get it right-write" scenario of nerve pinching reality, I am living in at the moment!

Am off to see Dirty Picture today. May need a tissue box as I am a horrendous softy over sad stories!

Bought an HTC phone....the android system takes time to adjust to after years of being a loyal Nokia user. Am in a zone of being reprimanded by my Korean Spiritual daughter with looks that could make a glow worm extinguish itself, as she explains and re-explains and explains all over again with fingers that zip about this phone with the practised skill of a generation that knows how to press all the right buttons!!!!!! So much for adaptability at 53!!!! 

Mithun is trying to persuade to buy the I phone just feels too big,  and I do miss the compactness of simple functions put together that aligns with the zen principles of less is sometimes more beneficial for some!

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