Saturday, 23 May 2009

Let's celebrate girl power!

I was so happy to learn that the girls in high school had fared so much better in their board results than the boys this year! It once again proves the equal potential of women to succeed and their ability to front runners, if not held back by conservative ideas regarding the role of women within society that prevails.

The endless Indian bias to have a male progeny infuriates me, as it is based upon completely wrong assumptions that suggest men are more capable than women. I have personally never known this bias within my family because my parents had always wanted to have daughters instead of sons. So I am truly brought up with the crown of pride for my gender very firmly placed upon my head since infancy and I believe that I wear it, till date, with great responsibility and respect for the legacy of strength that it empowers me with.

We continue to encounter far too many cases where marriage for daughters becomes an obsession and an insisted upon institution by parents, whilst sons are allowed more freedom in this matter. My women friends, both young and old, are very competent women and I am saddened that some of them often need to resist the pressures placed upon them to conform to these archaic fallacies, by their families. Practicality, intelligence, capability, professional success, financial ability, confidence, ingenuity, creativity, articulation, management skills, entrepreneurship, loyalty, survival skills: you name it and women embody it all, and much more.

So the next time you encounter situations in which even the subtlest gender discrimination presents itself, I beg of you don't be silent!State the truth as it is, because it's out there in the open to perceive : Women are strong and capable and are equal to men, so let's not be blinkered about it any more.

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