Sunday, 10 May 2009

Welcome to my blog!

It is that magic time of the day for me when most things around me are quiet and I have signed out from my day of work in my studio. Sipping green tea and reflecting on my day is a daily ritual that normally has the murmurings of the TV as its backdrop. So perhaps it is appropriate that today I start my blog at 1.15 in the morning with a cup of jasmine tea and put up my first post as I become an official blogger in cyber space.
Some years ago I had a column titled "The bigger picture" which was published in the Times of India newspaper for a year, in which I wrote about many diverse subjects. It was a space that allowed me to converse about many different things and it is my desire that my blog too is going to be such a space of sharing.
Each day that we live has such a vast spectrum of experiences that span from the bizarre to the profound, and where we ride the escalator of emotions as we cope with the hurly-burly chaos that urban Indian existence has become. I believe that the more we collectively examine and share, the greater the possibility is for us to find that essential balance within our spiritual selves, where bewilderment does not overwhelm our ability to survive, and where humour does not get forsaken forever.

So Welcome, and I hope that my postings become silent conversations I can have with you over a cup of chai; where shared concerns forge points of engagement in the absence of the physical presence of one another, and where ideas and the spirit of life can get communicated.

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