Sunday, 31 May 2009

On the 7th day, it's still the same!

It's Sunday! For many it's a holiday and for others it's just another day that holds the same routine as the rest of the week. I fall into the later category and I know that this often elicits an "oh poor thing" response, but in truth I cannot imagine what different routine I could fit myself into, other than what I do each day as my normal practise!

Of course I often hear my self prattle on about "wishing I had a day off", but those around me know only too well that I would be completely disoriented and at a loose end without the structures of work that define my time. There are many like me who really enjoy what we do, and have assimilated both home and work as interfaced spheres that do not disrupt one another. Though the clock ticks longer on some days, it also offers a wider spectrum for multitasking that is magical in what it finally can accomplish as a result!

However nothing is ever effortless in this world, and so achieving a balance of co-ordination in which conflicting needs do not collide within such management continues to require an alertness, and most importantly, the ability to adapt and be flexible at all times. As a working professional and as a home maker I rely not merely on the prescriptive, but on the personal inventiveness that I can apply to solve and manage situations. Everything is possible if one has the desire to make it happen, and time has an amazing elasticity if it is valued and used correctly.

Let the unexpected in to your life too because with it comes so many lessons and I find I learn more about myself in such times. Life may not always be exactly as you imagined it, but if you get a 6 out of 10 score on your wish list, you have yourself a great deal going to be proud of. Also savour and enjoy life as you live it because chasing a Utopian dream may limit the possibility of examining a reality that has in fact much to offer.

I have lunched with you whilst writing this, and am off to my studio to finish a triptych painting titled "Pukar billi -billi. There is only a small detail left to finish within it, and so if the paint is dry, it is only a few hours work that remains. After which I will finish my packing for my trip to Ahmadabad tomorrow. In between these two things a multitude of other work will also get attended always!

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