Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wake up and free Aung San Suu kyi!

The quiet fortitude of this tiny lady, Aung San Suu Kyi, who leads and fuels the spirit of freedom for the Burmese people, shines from her eyes in all the photo-images I have seen of her. Kept under house arrest since 1988 with restricted movement, this lady today on the eve of her release is once again being harassed by the Junta regime so as to keep her voice and spirit shackled forever. Today the trumped up charges present the dictate of a prison sentence! To imprison this political leader who is seriously ill , is to finally sign here death sentence and kill her knowingly, and all of us will be equally cupable of this act.

No newspaper in India carries the outrage of such blatant violations of democratic rights on these Burmese people in any sustained campaign to create awareness of their plight. Using peaceful means to protest and fight for the mandate of the people to be honoured, and for their elected leader to be given her rightful position within the political framework of the governance of Myanmar, the struggle of the Burmese people goes mostly unnoticed by the apathy of our silence.

The tragic abuse of human rights is legendary from this region, yet no country is willing to forcefully impose sanctions to curtail trade and tourism so that the truth of this authoritarian state is exposed. The heinous methods of repression are killing the spirit of this population, whilst favouring the manic power and corruption of a few.

Will all our world leaders please stop to listen? Can all of us please feel the outrage of another's freedom being stifled? Must the blood of the innocent be shed more copiously and another Rwanda stain our souls, before we acknowledge the wrongs of this region.

Organisations such as the United Nations have done little to resolve this conflict, and the few murmurings from the power-brokers with political clout of international establishments and world leaders of developed nations, are mere platitudes to postpone the stringent actions demanded from them by this long drawn out genocide. Serious accountability of this regime by the international community is the only way to staunch the flow of atrocities committed in the name of governance by the ruling Junta regime; and for a political democratic solution of transparency to be achieved.

Please consider signing this petition and lend your voice to support the truth for freedom.

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