Thursday, 27 August 2009

Being Politically Correct....

I often find myself in situations where I am unable to accept the casualness of social chitter-chatter which has gossip as central to most communication. I find myself time and again in sticky situations where I am the party-pooper, the wet blanket or just too darned serious because I categorically state my discomfort. I also notice that people prefer that their conscience does not get called upon on such occasions because accountability is too tedious for most to fancy.

Through the windmills of gossip we fan rumors regarding others, but look upon it as a "time-pass", because to give our actions consideration would require that we introspect, and heck!...that would be asking too much from ourselves! Who wants to be this serious when all we want is! So just write off any hurt we cause to others as collateral damage. After all it's a great adrenaline rush to shoot up one's self-esteem by degrading another, because that's what sanctimonious virtue is all about, isn't it? Pointing a finger at the other person and making speculations into truth on the basis that we endorse it with our curiosity is what the fun of gossip is all about! So pick a target and get out the dirt......and shoot from the hip. It's cool baby!

I guess I can be called old and boring because I find the company of my cat often more honest on some occasions, because she bites and that's just what it is! Not dressed up to appear a friendly lick, but a nice sharp nip that leaves her teeth marks evident for what it really is. The claws and fangs of all of us show through the fancy dentistry and manicure sessions that fill our appointment books! So the next time you salivate to gossip about someone, realise that someone out there may be doing precisely the same thing about you: trashing your name for fun! Hey! Why are you pissed off about it? It's just for fun remember?!!!!!

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