Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The lotus wilts in all the heat!

It is ironical that after so many years of independence our political leaders remain embattled over issues of historical interpretation that can never remain rigid or prescriptive. It is amusing to see the disarray of the BJP, a party I clearly hold no great respect for especially after the Babri masjid demolition and the genocide in Gujarat; but if I am to examine the issues of Jaswant Singhs expulsion with a clinical objectivity, then the entire episode is a sad occurrence on the state of our democracy. For a statesman who has been a guiding force and policy maker within the core leadership of a major national party till only recently, critique or differences of opinion cannot become reasons for such actions.

At the heart of the matter of course lies other issues of ideological conflict, but that the BJP can use the front of censorship as the smoke screen of disciplinary action against a senior member of their party to settle scores, seems almost farcical! Of course the great state of Gujarat must march to the orders of fascist bands and the leadership of the state has issued a ban on Jaswant Singh's recent book! Great are the ways of this land where free speech is a constitutional right but where current political power can silence the voice of anyone in an instant. Liberty thy name is slandered, beware!

If I am to hear Chandan Mitra posture as the great voice of virtue anymore on televising programs, I think I am going to fling my remote control into the Vishwamitri river! His sanctimonious speak is predictable and soon I believe I will see the cobwebs on his carefully styled hair as he repeats the BJP party line, like a nerdy school boy, hoping for brownie points! On the other hand, I loved Arun Shouries dramatics! The next film fare award for best cartoon performance must go to him! When his theatrics translates into change in the BJP party practices, I will certainly reconsider my cynicism, but for now I am pretty sure that day is no where close on the horizon of reality!

Where is this great nation going to be without a healthy opposition to sit in the house and keep the powers of governance alert and accountable? Mr. Advani and Mr. Rajnath Singh can you both stop being like prom princes with cardboard crowns; and Vasundhara Raje can you remember you cannot put on your royal tiara and command your subjects to toe your line, because if you have forgotten, India is a democratic country and we have no place for monarchs any longer. India needs leadership in the opposition that is not entrenched in the soggy toast scenarios of indecisiveness. So boys of the saffron brigade, wooden swords and paper shields apart, lets get serious! The 21st century has long since begun, so can we expect you to please finally wake up and take stock of what India needs from you.

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