Monday, 3 August 2009

A tribute to my love.

Surendran and I are currently sharing a studio.Add Image With the monsoon and it's unpredictability we decided to sit out the rains together! We have shared a studio on many occasions and contrary to the stories of problems I hear from other artist couples, we enjoy the experience that such interludes offer us. Perhaps it is because our romance began from the friendship we established whilst working in a collective studio that for both of us it continues to be the territory which holds our hearts the closest. We are a feisty couple who love the edge of a stimulating debate and who despite being in our 50's , remain in love with one another! We feel nurtured by each others spirit, and perhaps most importantly, we know we can trust and depend on each other's wisdom.

Over the years we have been surrounded by many friends from our generation, as well as younger friends whose love stories have crumbled; and where compromise beats down the individual personalities, making their lives together laboured and uninspiring. Who knows whether too many expectancies that are impossible to keep lead to the slow erosion of these unions, but whatever maybe the cause, the end result is that it creates for pain and sadness that is claustrophobic to witness.

I value the time we share as a couple. It maybe a serious conversation, watching crappy T.V serials together, eating ice cream or chocolates as sinful treats in bed, or just sitting on the verandah with each of us lost in our own thoughts! Our evenings are always spent together if we are in the same city and both our lives hold a rhythm that we mutually find comforting.

Yesterday was friendship day, whatever that means! But if I strip away the cliche of it all and put aside my reluctance to ride the tide of consumer inventions (!), I know that there is one person who qualifies without a doubt for me, to have a special day to be honoured by. So here goes: Happy Belated Friendship day Surendran!

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