Thursday, 13 August 2009

Why?! Why?! Why?!.....

I was up half of the night completely disturbed after watching a TV program in which forensic criminology examines cases in which the viewer is shown actual footage of police evidence such as taped interrogations of suspects and photographs of the crime scene and pictures of the victim, along with reconstruction of the events of the crime story. The story I watched was about a sister who resembled her sibling, and who from the greed and envy of wanting what her sister had achieved in her life, created a scenario where she assumed her sisters identity by killing her when she was asleep in her own house. Starting a fire that burnt down her sisters home she set up the charade to assume her identity.However the carefully sawed up body of her sister, all packaged up in plastic bags did not perish in the fire because she had kept it in the deep freeze(!), and the insulation of the freezer withstood the fire; so the body remained intact and was therefore discovered by the investigating officers who came to investigate the arson.

What was so disturbing for me was that greed and jealousy could prompt a sister to such an act of horror, and that a power-saw was used with such clinical thought to dismember her own family member. What leads people to turn against each other, and how can a sane person execute another with no remorse? I see so many family relationships turn sour. My own back yard is sprinkled with the crusty attitudes of relatives who instead of being nurturing end up in spaces of silent hostility, harbouring resentments over issues that they too cannot really recall any more, and never looking inwards as to what to give to the other rather than what they can take for themselves.

For me the idea of life itself is to create as many ripples of communication that can give and receive energies that embrace and enlighten. I may seem overly naive to be effected by a T.V program on crime, but the core issue within this story that set my mind racing is how love can turn to hate so easily. Abuse of trust is so often the case of transgressions, and in some cases the out come is truly fatal.

It will take me a while to shake off my inner agitation that has been sparked by these thoughts and observations, and yet I know that a thousand zillion more stories like these are going to unfold again and again. Like the wars, the religious intolerance, the racial/ caste/ and economic discrimination's, and all other crimes from the human inability to live in peace and harmony. John Lennon's Give peace a chance, still falls on deaf ears!

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