Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I am let down one more time...!

Every time a young politician makes a vote-bank choice over issues that need vision and reform to be the political will instead; I feel as though one more nail in the coffin of our democracy has been driven in. I feel such shame that Navin Jindal could not get it right. A man from urban India who politically supports organisations that practice the the rituals of honour killing, cannot be ever viewed as a leader of modern India. What goes wrong with these leaders? Does education and personal ideals mean so little, or is it the headiness of power that obscures the basic intelligence of such people?

I know only this that as a citizen and as a woman, I feel betrayed one more time. The cowardly stance of a politician who so openly can defraud the faith of those who needed protection the most is one who does not deserve my respect. Dalits have been oppressed and treated with utter disrespect by the Khaps; women and men killed brutally in the name of honour: and yet here stands this young man, all dressed in the politicians trade mark emblematic crisp white uniform in the rivers of blood of others, defending the archaic laws that no democratic constitution will ever uphold. And his party stands silently watching; issuing a statement to only distance themselves but doing nothing to shut him up. Yet MP Jairam Ramesh gets his knuckles wrapped for speaking out of turn!

I suppose what do a few lives lost in violence, matter to the conscience of Navin Jindal. The bright lights of power are focused squarely on him. Poor boy, no wonder it blinds his vision so completely!

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