Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sex, scandals and scatterbrains!

A rose by any name still has the same Khusboo !

Finally will people with nothing better to do stop filing legal cases about non issues! What a waste of time to even consider that somebody cannot have a differing opinion in a democracy. For crying out loud, of course pre-marital sex occurs in India, and any body who thinks otherwise is a complete idiot living in a closed box. Our problem in India is that we are such hypocrites! With aids and sexually transmittable diseases as the truth of today's reality, why do we not want to propagate safe sex? This christian idea that celibacy is the way to eternal salvation and that virginity is the bridal gift at the alter of marriage is all very well as a personal choice; but to believe that a modern and empowered society is to be umbrellaed by such archaic conservative opinions as a "national anthem" of existence is a ridiculous assumption. No one section of a society has any right to harass a person who offers a differing opinion, and waste years of their time and energy having to run from one court to another to validate what is an obvious truth. So put the brakes on this stupidity because what goes around, come around too; so take a chill pill buddies and get a hobby or do something to occupy your obvious free time with more purpose!

Thou shalt not tell a lie!

What about the good old catholic priests and the Vatican following some of what they dish out from their pulpits to their congregations about not telling lies or lies being that baddy-thing called a SIN! Well molesting children and sexually abusing children and THEN covering up these horrifying acts of deliberate will is just (excuse the pun) GOD AWFUL and certainly qualifies as being hugely sinful! I left religion behind at the age of thirteen because the farce of so many do's and don't became too obvious to ignore especially as the contradictions of the biblical teachings were there to see in the examples of too many nuns and priests that I observed. A true leader must acknowledge when things go wrong and define accountability and reform. One Pope after another walks the same dodgy path of cover-up's and prefer to be bothered about censoring films (!) or reacting to witticisms on condoms (!!) with aggressive might and anger. What a sham and what a betrayal of the trust and belief that a congregation of followers gifts to the institution of the faith that they look towards for spiritual and moral guidance. So clean up your act Sir. If you are wearing white, stay clean!

When will Britain learn....

I loved the faux pas that good old Gordon Brown made when his grumblings about a lady constituent got recorded because his microphone was still on. The bumbling British politician at his best, he then went and tried to do damage control by apologising on a radio talk show......only this time Mr. PM did not realise that cameras were rolling and as he sat with his head in his hands, making odd faces and with a strange body language that looked straight out of a comic strip, he became the butt of more ridicule once again! Well so much for empire building capabilities, what?! GB'S house looks like it will fall apart soon. Do I see Tony Blair grinning from ear to ear?!

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