Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tomorrow it may be you....

Our friend rushed off to Ankleshwar yesterday evening because his uncle had fallen and broken his ankle. Today I called up to find out how everything was, and to get more detailed information as to what exactly had happened. The saddest part of the story recounted was how this old man sat by the side of the road asking to be helped for over an hour, but nobody stopped or provided any assistance to him. It was only when an acquaintance saw him by chance, that he was able to be taken to a hospital.

Why have we become so uncaring of one another in ways that are dehumanised and hateful, uncaring and shameful. I cannot even begin to comprehend these attitude of selfishness; where the effort to engage with the life's of others, appears so difficult a task. The basic principles of how a society functions in accordance with interdependency and the cooperation of people with one another, is the essential framework of any society's governance; and every citizen would be obliged to play by these rules if we are to benefit from the wisdom of this structure of coordination.

When I lived for six months in New York in 1990, I had a lovely apartment in Manhattan. Located in Chelsea, the city outside my window was always alive and pulsating. But the paradox was, that on either side of my apartment lived two old people: shut away in their respective studio apartments, perpetually fearful and alone. Nobody ever visited them nor did they encourage any interaction; and I would always think to myself that if it was India, then such a situation of neglect and abandonment would be impossible to imagine. How foolish were my naive sentiments!

The collective that we have at home today, continues to address these very issues of engagement and concern to things around us; that if as people we do not consciously cultivate, then the process of our own awareness would be potentially stifled and limited. But everyday is like battling a strong wind whilst holding a lit candle. Each day one has to dig deeper to hold the conviction that mediocrity will not finally bury us all. I wonder what will it take for us to make these simple changes in attitude that will open our eyes to a wider horizon of wisdom; or do we just prefer the little prisons of pedestrian values we choose to live by and finally die by too?


  1. Thank you Rekha for your lovely words, i'm not as good as you in expressing what i feel but somehow i felt there were many echoes of my own sentiment concerning general indifference towards our fellowmen... i'm from Bbay but living in the west for more than 3 decades, & believe me i've seen people completely closed up in their own world wary,& uncaring...there is a group of Pakistani young fellows without papers whom i see nearly everyday, one of them touched me particularly 'cos during the cold winter he sat immobile in his drunken torpeur & the way he looked i felt that he was just letting himself often as i could i handed out bananas to him, for many days he was not able to respond to my smile & refused to talk... perhaps he did percieve the message of hope i wanted to give him...but what hope?? as a clandestine he has no right to any help whatsoever...anyway, it's just to say that in the west misery can be even more frightful because of general indifference...there is a lot of institutionalised aid, but when it comes to giving a helping hand in day to day life, apparently nobody has time... sorry if i'm a little clumsy in the way i express myself, hope even then that you understand what i mean... today we live in a world of inhumanity, there isn't much we can do about it, i just try to give a smile whenever i can, to show in my little way that i care... perhaps some day this might spread...

  2. As I return to my busy life-style, I wonder if among the factors that left me on the threshold was that I had not disclosed the lengths and breadths of my person...the reason being a promise made NOT to communicate with you! Yet, I was so irresisteably attracted by what you posted that I had to pen my thoughts too, and that's what I have done for more than 2 years...and always grateful to you for allowing me the freedom to share your space without any reticence.
    Now that the reason to continue to keep the promise is no more, I leave it to you to let me know if I'm still welcome to write as before... hope you received the books that were left for you at Tanna House.
    Since I appreciate greatly your writing, would you authorise me to share certain extracts on my facebook wall? You are welcome to visit as it is completely open, you will perhaps be reassured that it is in good harmony with what you stand for.
    Thank you once again for having been so kind when you owed me nothing.
    Even though the flesh gets tired at times, the spirit is strong and you have yet a long way to go...
    Best wishes, affectionately yours,
    Shama Sam.

    1. Thank you Anamikajan for the books you have so lovingly left as a gift for me at Sakshi Gallery. I have yet to receive them because Sakshi Gallery is currently setting itself up in its new premises. However it will be sent to me shortly. You remain, as always, welcome to communicate via your comments on my blog space whenever you desire. However please forgive my inability to grant you my permission to use extracts of my writing on your face book wall.
      Warm regards,

      Rekha Rodwittiya

  3. So Be it, my dear; Your desire will be respected... I thought it would have been a good idea to use facebook also to project your thoughts; I know this is not your cup of tea, nevertheless we have to recognize its widespread power, and with time, I have been able to make for myself a comfortable niche in this social network which allows me to interact with people worldwide who share similar aptitudes... I'm sure, in the future, should you change your mind, you will let me know, On my side, I take the responsability of doing so in the most effecient way possible... In the meantime, you can count on me to comment on your blog-space as inspiration comes,
    Keep Rocking!
    (For some reason I cannot post as Anamikajan)