Monday, 31 May 2010

A thought for the day....

I have no space in my life for any God. To those who are religious this sentiment can appear down right ludicrous, because not believing in a God somehow seems to suggest to those who are religious, that I am perhaps dysfunctional. Politeness of course disallows such an outright condemnation of me, but their eyes often betray deep pity for what they must consider "the lost soul" of sama.

I do have people in my immediate life who are religious. In observing their lives I very rarely witness the quiet force of human compassion and deeds of service emanate from them; nor see positive and purposeful conduct that impacts me to understand what goodness religion can give to daily life. I would imagine that religious teachings should guide those with faith to live their lives with more thoughtfulness, but most times the only thing I see is a pompousness that is mildly irritating to say the least!

Lies, cheating, corruption, manipulation, abandonment, abdicating from responsibilities of family and so much more gets the waters of life murky each day of many a religious minded person, and yet at the end of it all the talk that prevails will be only the fear of GOD and nothing about attempting to be a better person. But since the day of reckoning is normally after death, I am guessing that it is a sort of a nagging fear that doesn't quite kick ass to alter the unholy ways of being!!!!

I abhor the divides that all religions breeds, and the hate and violence that it harbors.

To free oneself of the crutch of religion requires the ability to confront fear; and to accept the vulnerability of recognising that there are often questions that do not always have convenient answers to comfort us.

I feel thankful to the circumstances of knowledge and exposure that gave to me a bigger world to inhabit; where religious doctrines do not hold me imprisoned to any one framework of thinking that would restrict me from looking at "other" worlds of enquiry. I enjoy the freedom of not belonging anywhere in particular, but rather everywhere instead. For me I fear my own conscience.


  1. Well said, you speak for the silent majority!

  2. Dear Rekha, It was just by chance that I happened to come across this article on religion, it would do our country a lot of good if such words hit the headlines of newspapers & more people read many innocent lives have been destroyed in the name of religion...the traditions imposed by society to ensure a ticket to heaven often force people to become hypocritical.... yesterday a friend whispered in my ear that she had bought a piano for her daughter...but hush!! nobody should know about it because music is banned in orthodox muslim families!!! Unbelieveable, in this 21st century of today!!! I'm in total agreement with you that religion should be a very personal concept, one can believe in what one wants, with our own conscience as our guide...(though I firmly believe in a sort of fraternity of a higher level than our own) I am glad that I too live in an environment where no religious practice was ever imposed...which has never stopped me from aspiring to be a good human...I wish there were more people who would comment on your articles & give feedback...but I also know after having read a lot of what you write, that you are sufficiently strong not to need any support to spread various messages of 'WAKE UP & RISE. Thank You Rekha on the behalf of all.

  3. Just to thank you for allowing me to express my opinions on your blog, I am quite enchanted by the way you write, your articles give a clear insight of various problems in the world in general, in our own society in particular. KEEP GOING...

  4. Two years already since I'm reading & commenting your posts! Amazing cyber-world that allows you to connect with people whom you never would have met for real...So thank you dear Marc, Steve and all the others who have allowed these connections...and especially thanks to you for being kind enough to allow me to express my opinions on your space...