Monday, 29 June 2009

Always, always, now and forever.

Why on earth does it take us human beings so long to be comfortable with difference? Why should heterosexuality be considered the only sexual preference because religious teachings decide so, or because orthodoxy within society suggests it to be acceptable ? I am a firm believer of being pro-choice and if people feel inclined to be within adult relationships that are consensual and with the same sex partner, then this is a perfectly acceptable option in life.

Exploring sexuality is a common phenomena as a pubescent youth and there are countless stories, the world over, of adolescent sexual awakenings that result in the sharing of this curiosity amongst growing children of the same sex. This is absolutely normal and does not interfere with the dormant and natural inclination of the sexuality of the child blossoming and being acted out in the course of time. What comes through each time such debates occur is that we are a nation who generally are uncomfortable with the the word S-E-X and all that it encompasses. And as a consequence we have made homoerotic sexuality become tinged with a hysteria that automatically dubs it as a "violation" and which supposedly implies sordid intent! We are therefore responsible for creating this stereo-typed moralism in society which we want to keep authenticated via out-dated laws which have no real place in a liberal democratic society in the 21st century.

India is not some newly formed conservative right wing territory ruled by the voice of a monolithic dictate, but is an amalgamation of diverse heritage that dates back centuries, and has had the practice of homosexuality unapologetically within some of the most respected areas of social life, and is proud to be viewed as a culturally pluralistic nation. The history of our art and culture evidences many examples of homosexual practices, so let's not be too coy about it or have selective amnesia because it suits our conservative friends, or political groups with vote bank politics as their only criteria to guide decision making. We are a nation of people that certainly are mature enough to know right from wrong, and are perfectly capable of respecting the privacy of one another and conducting ourselves with consideration and sensitivity to others.

Gay rights must be introduced into India because it is absolutely offensive to the constitution of Indian democracy that we criminalise the legitimate choice of the sexual preference of an individual, and perpetuate it as an evil and corrupted lifestyle to embrace. We must understand that all facets of sexuality can display abuse, and so heterosexuality or homosexuality are equally vulnerable areas of such unfortunate transgressions of decency within life. To taint one as the damned and grotesque over the other, from which we need to be "saved", only shows our ignorance and homophobia.

The lesson of the cradle is always to instill pride and confidence in our children. Let our children grow up to know that they are special and equal always. Be inclusive to all, always. Throw away the fears and prejudices that others have filled your senses with, and open your heart to know what is right, always. Be strong and stand up for the rights of others to equality, always!

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